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Vinny Peculiar - No reply

I produced this video for 'No Reply' by Vinny Peculiar. We wanted an unexpected story to accompany this very sensitive song, but it was important to somehow create empathy. To be absolutely honest I was aware that a mate of mine, Leon Mook had created this masterpiece giant eyeball/alien head which had served as a personal audio visual sensory overload enviroment, but had since been decomissioned and was somewhat neglected. I really wanted to use it in a music video so when this track came along I knew that this odd character walking through the forest in Winter with a sepia effect would really suit the mood. I enjoy the limitations of working with a minimal budget and when you have limited battery power in the drone and a mate wandering around all morning in freezing conditions you dont have much time to get your shots, which adds to the authentic low fi B-movie feel. The funny thing is I was talking to Klute about doing a video and I came up with this idea for the track he sent me, when I pitched this story to him it was the last I heard from him. Yet Vinny imediately was into it. It's nice to have built up a trust with Vinny, he just lets me get on with it.

I owe so much to Leon Mook for this too, walking about in a fake head in the cold, and supplying the centerpiece to my masterpiece!...and many thanks to Brian Drones for the cinematic angle, not bad for a mornings work.

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