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Vinny Peculiar - Hospital Wing

Hospital Wing is taken from a concept album ‘Silver Meadows’ which takes its inspiration from the fifteen year period Peculiar, a former nurse, spent working in various mental institutions and long stay hospitals during the 1980s and early 1990s. It captures a world of contrasts in which while some patients plan escape others have become totally institutionalised and in which periods of dull, regimented routine are broken up by both patient episodes and sudden eruptions of violence. 

This track is based on a true story aboout a patient who died whilst in hospital, so we see Vinny as a ghost that appears during an art class. I recruited a few friends to play the roles with a rough plan of a story line but lots of room for spontaneous input and a great excuse to wander about in pyjamas. The Forest of Dean is like one big filmset, I am so fortunate to live here and have some talented friends to drag into my productions.

I wanted to capture the balance of humour and sadness that is present in Vinnys songs.

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