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rod the boffin

Tiny Revolving Flecks by Signal Cell

signal cell logo

James Lehmann (aka Signal Cell) asked me to work on a video for one of his ambient compositions. I had also recently made contact with Rod Maclachlan a local video artist and VJ. Coincidentally, around thatt time, Rod and I had been sharing our work examples with each other and I was was interested in Rod's analogue projections and asked if I could shoot some tiny revolving flexks in the light from his projector. The video was a really interesting project as I didnt really know Rod that well at the time, but we just hung out and played with ideas as I tried to capture Rod at work and also make a video for James. Rod and I have since collaborated on a few projects and become good friends.

I was also working on a video for Stop Ecocide at the time and asked James if he would be interested in lending the campaign the track as a sound bed for the video. James was really into the idea and so the project and collaboration expanded!

"To work with Squiff is to embark on an creative adventure with a highly-experienced professional who can quickly help you realise your vision for a project; invariably the collaborative process is both inspiring and productive, leading to a stellar end result that will pay for itself many times over."
James Lehmann, Signalcell

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