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Rewild Skin

Gayle rewild pottery
Rewild project Blacksmith


Sophie metal Rewild Project
Rewild project forest of dean crew

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Hannah Baskets Rewild project
Cai Dodds Rewild project

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The Rewild Project

I love helping the Rewild Project with their communications, I think these skills are more valuable than ever in this uncertain world. This project and the people involved in it have precious lessons to teach future generations and offer a sustainable alternative to modern day lifestyles. The Rewild project is based in the forest of dean and aims to revive traditional, land-based skills to connect people back to ways of living off the land. Through community growing projects and various craft workshops and courses; the Rewild Project aims to use Agro-Ecological and Permaculture approaches to create thriving food growing spaces, a renewed interest in land and food, newly skilled people and improved eco-systems.


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