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Soma Eclipse was an experiment with ambient music inspired by my experience with the Roxiva RX1 light machine at Float in the Forest. These are immersive journeys into beautiful imagery and blissful moods. A unique combination of pulsing light is used to produce amazing states of consciousness. The light stimulates specific brain wave patterns often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and meditation.

After my experience I really wanted to create a similar soundscape that would work in a meditative context. I sent the track to Float in the Forest and they used it with the Roxiva RX1 and invited me to experience it too. It was a very emotional experience to hear my music objectively whilst in the blissful state induced by the lights. I would highly reccomend the experience. Find out more at https://floatintheforest.co.uk/therapies-and-packages/

I created a Video for 'Vote for me' by Vinny Peculiar and whilst listening to the track had an idea to do a drum and bass version. Vinny was up for it so i remixed the video too.
The original video can be viewed here 


I originally went to art college because I wanted to be in a band!, I know, but that's what you did back then. I formed and performed in a few bands then started programming my own music as my musical tatses and influences expanded. I love creating original music for my cllients at Squiff Creative Media and continue to work on my own musical projects. Find out more at Music | SquiffEye (bandcamp.com)


Some of the soundtacks for clients are available on bandcamp on the 'offcuts' collection click the image below to find out more.


  • Music Production