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Jah Wobble - Merry Go Round

I designed the cover for the 10" single 'Merry Go Round' and shot and edited the video. John (Jah Wobble) had the idea of playing the role of the newsreaders, I managed to get us so free studio time at Buckingham College where they train media students to be news presenters, which was a blessing because they had the green screen already set up. The kit they have is great you can just overlay different studios. We chose the one that we liked te best but when I got back to edit I didnt want 2 small screens either side of the news readers I wanted one big one so I had to reformat the newsroom in photoshop and make masks to drop the multiple versions of JW into, the biggest challenge was getting the rflection in the desk to work. It was great fun experimenting with the multiple versions of Wobble. 

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