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ETS Aviation Logo

ETS Aviation produced software too measure and report co2 emissions for the airline industry. The software was to aid compliance with emissions but also measure and calculate the most efficient, cost effective aviation proceedures during each flight. When Best Foot Forward, who I was working with at the time, recommended me to David he had one product Aviation Footprinter, which helped the airline industry to record and report their emissions and supply the correct information to satisfy new regulations that had just been introduced. I turned the focus on the environmental benefits visually with the sycamore seeds image, I was really excited about this because it was so different to anything else in the industry. ETS Aviation expanded their software offerings and grew their team and I brought together the brand accross websites, printed materials, video and exhibition stands. I felt that I was part of the team and enjoyed seeing the company flourishing. A large airline bought the concept and continued to develop it. 

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